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Our Mission Lindsay's Story Imagine Dinner/Dance T-Shirt and Bracelet Sales Self Defense Class2006 Fashion Show SKHS Pumpkin Illumination National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Week Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Poster Contest T-Shirt Designs Davies Career & Technical Senior Fundraiser2008 Fashion Show Imagine Dinner Dance2008 Imagine Dinner Dance2015 Teen Dating Violence Poster Contest20 Events2008 Events2009 Middle School Entries Teen Dating Violence Training DVD2010 Poster Winners LABMF Training DVDNational Foundation of Women Legislators Sponsorship Opportunities2013 Imagine Dinner Dance2014 Middle School Poster Contest Winners2013 Imagine Dinner Dance2016 Imagine Dinner Dance2016 Imagine Dinner Dance2016 Imagine Dinner Dance2016 Imagine Dinner Dance2016 Imagine Dinner Dance2016 Imagine Dinner2014 High School Poster Contest Winners"Clothesline Project"2014 Imagine Dinner Dance2015 High School Poster Contest Winners2015 Middle School Poster Contest Winners2016 Teen Dating Violence Poster Contest2015 Imagine Dinner Dance All Day Workshop for School Staff2016 High School Poster Winners2016 Middle School Winners Teen Dating Violence Statistics Types of Violence Warning Signs of Abusive Relationships Cycle of Abuse Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships Effects on Victim Why Don't They Just Leave? Community Resources Safety Plan There are limited curriculum materials available for the topic of teen dating violence.And there is no one comprehensive curriculum that covers all the subtopics.

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I usually teach this unit before teaching dating violence to my eigth grade health classes.

by Nan Stein , can be 2-3 lessons and best if taught before dating violence unit. Check our list of websites in the teacher links for additional on-line lesson plans Your local Coalition Against Domestic Violence will probably have lesson plans or units on dating violence that they might share with you.

Many also will provide dating violence lessons at your school.

Hazelden Publishing 1-800-257-7800 This curriculum is research based and considered a Model Program by the National Registry of Effective Programs and it is on the list of Exemplary & Promising Programs of Samhsa, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Administration. This is an excellent curriculum for a support group which should be run by a school mental health professional or community agency mental health professional (social workers, psychologists, guidance).

In also includes a to engage the entire school community. Great for schools who want to include intervention for victims …..truly a must for all schools.

Break the Cycle Violence curriculum may be purchased separately or as part of a larger package “Respect Works”, which includes Safe Dates and other tools.Available through Download free kit & materials to help young athletes build respectful, non-violent relationships Sexual harassment may occur in an abusive dating relationship.But not all cases of sexual harassment are dating violence, as they may occur outside of a dating relationship.Whenever sexual harassment occurs at school, if it is not dealt with properly by the school, the school may be held liable under Title IX.It is important to teach students about sexual harassment, but the teacher must make it clear, when this occurs within a dating relationship, it is known as dating violence.The following curricula may be used to teach about sexual harassment, but Contains good lesson plans for sexual harassment, but also has a few good lesson plans on gender stereotypes and the media.

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