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Experienced advisers will assess your problem and work out whether to pass it on to Trading Standards.However, they won’t be able to make a decision about whether Trading Standards will take on your case.If the problem is passed on it is called a referral.

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Some local Trading Standards offices do offer a drop-in service for the public.

You can check whether there is one in your area by contacting your local authority or the Citizens Advice consumer helpline.

What information do you need to report a problem Before you contact Citizens Advice, gather as much information as you can to support your problem.

This will help the adviser decide if your problem can be passed on to Trading Standards.

Who to contact first You can't usually report a trader directly to Trading Standards.

This is because not all local offices offer a public service.

However, Trading Standards has an agreement with Citizens Advice to help you report the problem.

You can contact either: the Citizens Advice consumer service, or your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Try to give details of: what the problem is what you know about the trader paperwork, including bills, invoices, quotes and estimates or contracts notes of any conversations you've already had with the trader, including dates witnesses who can confirm what you're saying photos or video evidence of the problem.

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