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Obviously, I love reading about myself (who doesn’t?

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Compatibility matching, on the other hand, is something you usually see on dating sites where the test is generally a serious and often daunting task (hello, e Harmony! How it works First, you sign up with either your Facebook account or your email address. The test itself only takes a few short minutes to complete, unless you’re the sort of person who’s going to deliberate for ages on each answer, which you’re not meant to do for these anyway.

It’s definitely shorter than most compatibility based dating sites I’ve seen (apart from the crap ones).

The app gives you two tiers of information – basic (free) and paid.

Surprisingly, the basic information seemed fairly insightful and reasonably accurate, especially considering the short time I’d spent actually doing the test.

You get the information in the app itself and I also got an email with the results, so I could read them on a bigger screen. There is an option to purchase more detailed information (22 page PDF), priced at $19.99 if you want to know even more about yourself.

Once I’d done that, it was time for the more exciting experiment.

I wanted to use the app for what it’s actually meant for – seeing how my personality matches app with those of people I know.

I’ve recently been asked to review a new app called Personality Match, a free app that lets you take a short personality test based on the Myers-Briggs model, discover your personality type and then see how it compares to those of friends and partners.

I figured it could potentially be a useful relationship tool for some, or at the very least a fun activity to share with others.

It’s not hard to see the appeal of such an app – could it be like a cheat sheet for learning about someone else’s personality and how compatible you are?

To be perfectly honest, I have a love-hate relationship with these tests.

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