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He wrote: “We do act where doctors are convicted - but in these cases there were no prosecutions, let alone convictions.“The main issue for us, therefore, was how to bring this unlawful and unacceptable practice to an end.

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More than 60 doctors who pre-signed abortion forms without knowing anything about the women concerned did break the law, the head of the General Medical Council admitted last night as pressure grew on police to investigate.

Last week a cross-party group of MPs wrote to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner demanding a criminal inquiry into the evidence the doctors had given the nod to abortions without bothering to find out any details of the individuals involved.

The act makes clear that they must sign to certify that they formed the opinion “in good faith”.

In their letter, the MPs stated: “As it is impossible to come to a medical judgment without knowing any of the details of a patient’s case, pre-signing is considered illegal.” It quoted comments made by Earl Howe, the health minister, who told the Lords earlier this month that: “Forms being pre-signed is a clear breach of the law and if it is found to be happening, a prosecution should be brought.” A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed the letter to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe had been received and its contents were being considered.

The GMC had earlier accepted the practice was “wrong” but ruled against bringing any fitness to practise hearings due to the widespread nature of the problem.

It also refused to name the doctors or give any detail of their positions.

While admitting pre-signing was illegal, Mr Dickson pointed out this was partly due to wide-reaching changes in clinical practice since the 1967 Act was drawn up.

He said the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) had looked into two pre-signing cases and concluded it was not in the public interest to pursue the individuals concerned.

“Inspections by the Care Quality Commission since that investigation took place have found that the practice has now stopped.” The breaches first came to light during inspections by the Care Quality Commission, the health watchdog, triggered by a Telegraph investigation which uncovered evidence of doctors agreeing to abortions because of the gender of the baby.

Mr Dickson was keen to separate the issue of pre-signing forms from medics agreeing to terminate pregnancies due to the baby’s gender.

He wrote: “It is important not to confuse this matter of pre-signing of abortion forms with the separate cases where it is alleged that abortions were sanctioned on the basis of the gender of the foetus.

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