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She's 38 as myself and we realize we have to meet up somewhere in the world before I can file for her visa.Since teh United States has no visa waiver for Philippines it's almost like she'd be denied for even a visit over here.A lot of sex offenders say they travel abroad but are questioned by our own country as to their return.

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The paper has only been in operation for a few months. "We started with nine fugitives and by the end of 5 weeks we had all of the fugitives in custody," he says.

He adds, "I had one that lost a very lucrative job and their case has not been decided yet and i sincerely believe we have one good opportunity to win that case." The paper does say, "innocent until proven guilty" right on the front page.

Fix says he deals with some of the people in this magazine.

By L: I have a question, in 1999, I was charged with a corruption of a minor in the state of Ohio, and a federal charge for transporting a 16 year old over state lines.

I know alot of countries will denie you entry, but alot of sex offenders said they have traveled to Philippines no problem.

However recently Japan does a thumb scan now and in 5 secounds you can be denied.

I met a woman through my tennis partner from my hometown here in Pa.

Who has traveled over to the Philippines the woman I am speaking with know of my crime as well her family we want to meet up and I want to just have a normal life and get married.

Original Article 08/06/2009 Go to almost any convenience store in the area and you're likely to see them. "The fact that anybody can go to the jail and get mugshots in a newspaper and sell it for a dollar.

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