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The usual distinction between vowels, consonants and dipthongs are mainly considered in this speech on distributional as well as on phonetic background.

The distributional patterns of phonemes are simple and also specific in nature.Similarly, phonetic aspects of kannada is significant in relation with the speech sounds.The phonemic classes of this language is proper and aggreable for the phonological system. and a:) constitute the vowel system of standard kannada. These vowels contrast in tongue height (high, highermid and low); tongue position (front, central, and back); lip position / lip rounding (rounded and unrounded) and duration (short and long). CHIDANANDA MURTHY Kannada has a grammatical tradition.The phonemic inventory that presents the vowel, consonant and dipthong phonemes of kannada language is as follows: Five short vowels ( i,e,u,o and a) five long vowels (i:, e:. The lip rounding is restricted only to the prominent vowels and the duration is relevant to all vowels. It begins with shabda smruti (śabdasmruti) the first chapter of the work on poetics, kavyavalokana (ka:vya:valo:kana) by Nagavarma- II (c.1150 A.In kannada, diphthongs are also considered as phonemes. D) and continues with the same authors Karnataka bhasha bhushana (karna: Taka bha:śa:bhu:sa Na) the later is in Sanskrit, the most highly respected work of kannada grammer is keshiraja’s shabdamanidarpana (śabdama Ni darpa Na) (1260 A. and Kushalappagowda work contain good other views of the classical kannada grammatical tradition.Diphthongs are not simple vowels or pure vowels which are union of two different vowels produced in a single articulation. D.) which describes the language in 322 su:tra:s arranged in 8 (eight) chapters.

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