Google music mobile site not updating

Not all services cover all mobile devices; check our comparison table for an overview.Since this is fast growing business we recommend also to check the providers website for the latest update of supported devices.

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What is the best music streaming service where you can listen to as many songs as you like for a low flat rate?

We have researched some of the most popular streaming services and selected our picks for Best Music Streaming Service.

There are different types of streaming music services: You can stream and listen your music from every PC, sometimes directly with the browser, sometimes you need a dedicated Windows / i OS Desktop application to browse and play the music.

Also you can stream your tunes from mobile devices such as i Phone, i Pod Touch, i Pad, Android Phones and Tables, Windows or Black Berry.

And, important to know, in most cases you can use only one device at a time.

A workaround is to listen to music in the offline-modules, which is possible with i OS and Android Apps.In parallel you can stream live music from another device.Companies providing audio streaming grow daily, with them the services they are offering are growing as well.With audio streaming you have access to millions of songs, from your PC, from your mobile device or from your home audio system.When you pay a monthly flat fee you have access to millions of tunes.This flat rate often includes additional features such as creating your personal radio, sharing your playlists or reading reviews about newest releases.

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