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Q | How does winning the Super Bowl change your career? Once you win, everybody is looking for you, everybody wants to beat you.

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Osi Umenyiora is easily the most decorated British player in NFL history.

One of just three Britons to win a Super Bowl – the others being New York Giants place kicker Lawrence Tynes, a team mate of Umenyiora, and the unused New England Patriots wide receiver Scott Mc Cready – the defensive end, born in London and raised there until he was seven, was a star pass rusher for the Giants for nine years.

In a glittering career he earned two trips to the Pro Bowl and was a key member of the Giants teams that upset the Patriots to win Championships in 20.

The NFL’s ambassador to the UK previews Sunday’s big game between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. the thought that you’re in the biggest game of your life.

I think maybe when he gets a little older and mature, he’ll stop all that.

Q: | Are those two guys the key to deciding the game?Osi: | Yeah definitely, but I think it’ll be more about whatever defence slows the other down. [Broncos defensive end] De Marcus Ware is a great friend of mine.Q | What are your memories of the week leading up to the game? It really was a huge feeling of accomplishment and a need to go and make something positive happen.Q | What about in the hours immediately leading up to the game? You think about it but the minute you get to that stadium it’s business as usual. Osi: | It’s the exact same thing, there’s really no difference. Q | Both of the Super Bowls you won involved infamous late plays – David Tyree’s 32-yard “Helmet Catch” with less than a minute to go in 2008 and Mario Manningham’s perfect sideline catch to move into Patriots territory in 2012. Osi: | I don’t remember too much about the “Helmet Catch” – I only saw the aftermath of it. Mario Manningham’s catch, it was an incredible throw by Eli [Manning] and a great play – the rest is history!You don’t think of anything besides “this is the next game, we have to win”. Osi: | Initially there’s a bit, but as the day goes on it just becomes a regular game. As soon as you run out you see the cameras and you’re like ‘oh man, this is crazy’ but apart from that it’s a regular game. Q | You never lost a Super Bowl but what advice would you give to losing players? You make it all the way there and lose – you might as well have not made it there at all.Q | What do you remember of the moment you won the first Championship? I don’t have any good advice, it’s just a tough pill to swallow.

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