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Fire festivals were common, with burning torches and barrels of tar carried around town on poles.The fire tradition continues today as fireworks in the Americas and the Hawaiian Islands. Ulrich Thomsen, Shauna Macdonald, Kevin Mc Kidd, Eddie Marsan, John Wood.The famous New Year song was written by Scottish poet Robert Burns in 1788 - "Auld Lang Syne" has become an anthem of the turning of the year at midnight. In the mid-1930s, two Germans, scientist Gerhard (Thomsen) and his irritable assistant Heinz (Marsan), arrive on the Scottish island of Scarp, a place so inaccessible that the island's representative in Parliament has hired the Germans to provide postal service... Wary islanders, romance and looming clouds of war lay ahead.

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Then a final one at home in Maui - three in one day - a good Celtic number !

The modern New Year is known as Hogmanay in Scotland, and is as big a celebration as Christmas.

Originally a gathering at standing stones to drink to the spirits, it evolved to a celebration around town and village market crosses known as 'Nollaig Beag' (Little Christmas).

It moved from public places into the home when the Reformation of the Church in the 1500s tried to ban it.

One Hogmanay tradition that continues to this day in Scotland is that of 'First Footing'.

The first person to cross your doorway after midnight, should be a dark haired man, carrying 'handsel' - offerings of food, drink (whiskey), a piece of coal (to signify the warmth of the hearth all year), and occasionally salt (to signify wealth).Another old custom was for men to kiss any female they met in the street, carried on today as a "New Year's Kiss".Mahalo (thankyou) to all our friends and customers who supported Maui Celtic this year. They all had a wee dram at the turning of the Scottish new year ! Hamish celebrated Hogmanay on Scottish time by tuning in online just before midnight GMT to Party show.The great station broadcasts Celtic and other Scottish music 24/7 on 1530 AM around central Scotland, and online He then called his Mum, and video skyped his old friends and brother in Cornwall, to wish them a Happy New Year.

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