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Born out of out of years of writing Monday Night Live, a monthly sketch comedy show, Berry Sanders videos have been featured on Funny or Die,, Ryan Singer’s Flick My Clip festivals, and can be seen as a regular part of the sketch channel i Friendsand My.Laura is looking for a wealthy patron to provide financial backing for her whims without any work or sexual obligations. With Feature Act: John Schroeck Host / MC: Alex Leeds Amateur Leslie Dinsmore Cal Jansen David Broermann Max Haddad Mike Hilinski Eddie Browne Atom West Alex Price Rebecca Sanders Semi Pro Kyle Jeffers Brian Million Josh O'Neill Tom Plute Wille Bostic Wayne Memmott Go Bananas is pleased to present the 2016 "Funniest Person in Cincinnati" contest. He can be heard on XM/ Sirius Satellite radio, he’s been on the Bob and Tom nationally syndicated radio show multiple times, and he is constantly traveling from city to city across the country making people laugh.

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This is an opportunity for aspiring comics and amateurs to get on stage and develop their comic skills.

The contest will begin on Wednesday, May 4th and will continue through August. After a couple of bad record deals he realized becoming the next Tupac wasn't in the cards.

His name is Tyrone Hawkins, graduate of the world famous Cincinnati School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Tyrone re-invented himself by studying the martial arts. Lando Calrissian University for African-American Jedi Nights, where he majors in The Force, with a minor in Hair care product development.

Laura Sanders pretends she’s not a graphic designer by day.

Her 2016 Album, Oh God Please Like Me, debuted at No. She’s also performed stand-up across the country, and has been featured on Fox's Laughs TV, and been part of such acclaimed lineups as Chicago’s Comedians You Should Know, LA’s Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen, Bloomington's Limestone Comedy Festival, Wilmington's Cape Fear Comedy Festival, and New York’s She Devil Comedy Festival.

She's enjoyed sharing the stage with comedians such as Kyle Kinane, Rory Scovel, and Sandra Bernhard.

In addition to stand-up, Laura Sanders has joined forces with fellow comedian Lisa Berry to create the sketch-comedy duo Berry Sanders.

With a strong background in improvisational theater throughout all of college, including training at Chicago’s prestigious Second City, Johnny brings a very unique show to the stage.

His shows have been described as “silly,” “smart,” “fun,” and “hilarious.” Johnny centers himself as the butt of most of his jokes with tales of growing up an awkward, tall, skinny middle child in a huge family.

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