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"You know, I think that a minor blip, you know, if I said something that, you know, I say a lot of things - millions of words a day - so if I misspoke, that was a misstatement," she said, apparently caught off guard. But his campaign team said the Bosnia episode "joins a growing list of instances in which Senator Clinton has exaggerated her role in foreign and domestic policy making".Mr Obama, meanwhile, was taking a few days off, sunning himself in St Thomas in the U. Her claims to have played a leading role in the Northern Ireland peace process have attracted particular criticism.

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They discovered she had taken Chelsea on the trip and was joined by two celebrities, singer Sheryl Crow and comedian Sinbad. Neither comic Sinbad nor the CBS News reporter covering the visit could recall any gunfire.

They unearthed a TV news video which showed Mrs Clinton walking across the tarmac from a large cargo plane, smiling and waving, and stopping to shake hands with Bosnia's acting president and greet U. Washington Post reporter, John Pomfret, who covered that trip, said that at the time, "Tuzla airport was one of the safest places in Bosnia" and "firmly under the control" of America's 1st Armored Division.

The Clinton camp's focus on experience and readiness to take charge "from day one" has been credited for Hillary's comeback after lagging way behind the 46-year-old Illinois senator in the White House race a month ago.

The Bosnia goodwill trip had become a centrepiece of her foreign policy boasts.

But last night, as the CBS video was posted on You Tube, the candidate was left squirming as she tried to play down the story, saying she "misspoke" in her speech last week.

Scroll down for more ..."I went to 80 countries, you know.I gave contemporaneous accounts, I wrote about a lot of this in my book," she said.It was a story perhaps designed to convince the American public that she has what it takes to remain composed under fire if she becomes the first woman president.In a speech on Iraq, Hillary Clinton recalled how she had been targeted by snipers and had to run for her life when she arrived at an airbase during a trip to Bosnia 12 years ago.The incident was used to embellish her claim to have more experience to lead the country than Barack Obama, her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination. But last night her boast came back to haunt her - as video footage of the occasion showed her waving, smiling, apparently untroubled by gunfire and accompanied by her daughter Chelsea."I remember landing under sniper fire," Mrs Clinton, 60, had said in recalling the March, 1996 Bosnia visit.

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