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Jay Z has always seemed like such a loving husband to his wife, Beyonce, and doting father to his daughter, Blue Ivy — so we were completely floored when LIV (pronounced “live”) claimed that Jay Z asked for her number while he was with Bey.Now the former model and rapper is coming forward with more details, saying she and Jay had a “wonderful connection” when they met — but we’re still suspicious.Read on to see what else she has to say, and tell us, do YOU believe her?

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For Beyonce, that was the year 'No, No, No' put Destiny's Child on the radar.

It was also the same year Jay Z made a name for himself with his song 'Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem).' Though there is some speculation as to when Beyonce and Jay Z actually began dating, it is generally accepted that the pair got together in the 1999-2000 time frame. The couple is notorious for staying mum about the details of their private lives.

The rumor mill was definitely underway when the two partnered up for Jay Z's 2002 hit ''03 Bonnie & Clyde.' Sing it, everybody: "All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend." less1997-2000 The Beginning It seems 1998 was THE year for Jayonce.

“He was there eating and I was there eating, and we both left our tables and met up in the corridor,” she says. He was like, ‘This time we are definitely exchanging numbers.’” Beyonce wasn’t at the dinner, but LIV says B’s sister Solange was keeping an eye on her and Jay.

“She walked past and kind of peeped the whole thing, stared me down, like, ‘You see me right? ”But like I said, I wasn’t trying to come on to him at all.” “I thought, ‘OK, this time he’s going to take me seriously,’ so I gave him my number and took information,” she says.

”I sent him an email about my music and I never got a response, so I was like, ‘OK, I get it.’ We never kept in touch, but we had a wonderful connection.” LIV first revealed her run-in with Jay Z in an August 3 interview with PNC Radio, saying that Jay Z approached her in a club and told her she was “his favorite female rapper.” According to LIV, Jay then told her that he would “call her whenever he comes to town” and that he wanted to make her his “in-town chick.” LIV claims she doesn’t want to move ahead in her career by sleeping with famous rappers, but she sure isn’t shy about telling people about the run-in — over and over again! Is LIV telling the truth, or is she just making things up to get some attention?

1997-2000The Beginning It seems 1998 was THE year for Jayonce.

“He literally moved his chair from next to the director’s next to mine. It was one of those things where we really connected.

We talked, and left each other on that note.” “Then one of his bodyguards approached me and said, ‘Jay wants your number.

He’s gonna call you when he’s back in town,’” LIV claims. One, that’s really immature to send the bodyguard to get my number. Usually we say where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but this time, we smell a liar!

Two, I’m not somebody that would just get a call when he’s in town.” She adds, “I wasn’t going to disrespect B like that.” “I was hoping that maybe we could meet up at the studios or something,” she explains. It was like, that was so personal and not about business at all. LIV claims she would never disrespect Beyonce, but now she’s dishing about her alleged rendezvous with Jay Z left and right — as if wouldn’t be hurtful to B! LIV says she ran into Jay Z again a few months later at Nobu in Miami.

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